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Clients Testimonials

J. Patel
 Sanath has done an excellent job in very tight timelines and provided detailed information at every milestone in securing finance. I strongly recommend using his services.  
Anitha S
 I Highly recommend Sanath to anyone who needs financial and accounting needs. He is dedicated, proactive, and reachable at any time. He provides the best advice and quick response to all queries.  
A. Shenoy
 Sanath is a pleasure to work with. He is adept at his job and a highly reliable professional. Connects naturally well with clients. Thanks for taking the time off despite year-end pressures to do our family's tax returns. -Avinash Shenoy  
Dinesh Kanagala
 Sanath did a remarkable job in securing the financing that we required. He is a pleasure to work with and with his wealth of knowledge, I must say he is one of the top guys in Sydney. He was prompt about replying to my messages no matter what time of the day it was.  
Vivek Jayapalan
 Sanath is very knowledgeable and has a talent for explaining a lot of nuances in a simpler way. He is also prompt in his communication responses. He is also available on phone very easily either during weekdays or weekends. He is definitely one of the smartest that I have come across.  
Gurdeep Sidhu
 Sanath helped me with my home loan and was very helpful, professional and also gave financial advice where needed. I would highly recommend Sanath to anyone who needs financial advice. Great customer experience.  
Sindhura Vemareddy
 Sanath is very knowledgeable, professional and proficient in accounting, taxation, and loan services. He is extremely hardworking and efficient. He has been very helpful and well-wisher for us. Highly recommend anyone who is looking for someone you can trust and rely upon 
Vijay Reddy
 Sanath is an excellent accountant. He Focuses on customer financial well-being and ensures a great customer experience. Thank you for all the hard work and guidance Sanath. Would highly recommend it. 
Nava G
 Highly recommend Sanath for all your business, financial, and accounting needs. He is dedicated, comprehensive in everything that he does, and has a fantastic eye for detail. Thank you, Sanath!  
Vinod Vemareddy
 I Highly recommended Sanath for all your accounting needs for personal and business. I admire his attention to detail in his work and communicates accurately and very adaptable to client needs. His knowledge on tax and legislation requirements are commendable Very easy to contact and available during business hours and after-hours with prior request.  
Prakash Rebello
 I am very happy with Sanath, he provided very specialized service for all my tax needs, accounting, and taxes. It was a pleasure working with him since I reached out to him at a short notice. I would recommend Sanath Accounting & Taxation Services to anyone who is looking for quality service and excellent engagement. His service is very professional and courteous as he understands your core issue, and this is key for any outcome. 
Ishita Vig
 Sanath was very helpful and patient throughout the tax filing process. I highly recommend his services. He promptly responded to calls and texts and was a delight to talk to. 
G Cunn
 Sanath was diligent in preparing my tax return. He was able to fiind items and explain things that had not previously been considered by another tax agency. He truly cares and the results show. We are very happy with his service and will be using him going forward. Only wish I knew of Sanath earlier. Thank you again 
Rajesh Subramaniam
 I was really impressed with Sanath as he did my tax return very professionally and he explained each steps in the process and in a very friendly manner and gave me lot of advices about the nitty gritty on my spending as well. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs accounting and taxation services.  
Sreekar Reddy
 He is very patient, listens to all the info, provides the best advice and quick response to all queries. Highly recommended Sanath Accounting & Taxation Services 
Ibrahim Buhari
 Go-to person for any Tax queues and professional services across clients  
Ram Kiran Godavarthi
 Changed to Sanath accounting while ago, and liked the services. Unlike many other accountants who are always super busy and their own sweet time to respond back, Sanath is very receptive and is always available. Am happy with his services and would love to recommend him to my mates. 
Imran Shaik Mohammed
 I hired Sanath for my get tax accounting as a sole trader and found him to be excellent. His knowledge of small business accountancy and tax affairs has really helped me and the services he provided are efficient and prompt and thorough and his rates are reasonable. I would definitely recommend him. 
Siddhesh Tawde
 Sanath, it was a pleasure working with you. Thank you very much for all your help in logging my tax return. You've always taken the time to answer all my queries regarding tax lodgement and super account with utmost detail. I appreciate your kind words and professional demeanor and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. 
Eswar Reddy
 Sanath Accounting & Taxation Services Company is very Professional and Trusted. 
Vishnu Daram
 Reliable, Knowledgeable and pro active young profressional. Highly recommended.  
Sharada Prodduturi
 Sanath is an excellent CA with immense knowledge. I have consulted him for my tax filing and he was extremely patient in clearing my queries. Overall he has done a great job. 
Rajesh Kendhuli
 Sanath is a delight to work with. He has immense experience in his field and provides valid suggestions if asked. He has always been very helpful in filing my returns and gets the possible maximum ATO returns. I wish him all the best in his journey and would love to recommend to others for their accounting requirements. Cheers. 
Mouli SC
 Very prompt and responsive, got the returns done exactly as estimated. 
Punnareddy Umma
 Thank you Sanath for your excellent service. I found you very reliable in providing a tailored taxation service. More knowledgeable, timely response, and professional approach. Highly recommended. 
Sreeja v Sethu
 I have been filing my Tax with Sanath Accounting and Taxation for the past two years. The service has been very satisfying and reasonable. Continue doing the great job Sanath. 👍 
Prakash R
 Sanath is prompt In responding to all our queries and also explains the rules and any yearly taxation changes from ATO. 
Rahul Babu
 Sanath is quite knowledgeable and knows his stuff. I contacted him for filing tax and it was extremely smooth. He answered all my queries and was very prompt in his response. I would recommend him for any tax related concerns !! 
Satish Kumar
 Sanath is one the best accountant I’ve had. He is extremely knowledgeable, pro-active and down to earth. He makes himself available at all times. He is a breath of fresh air for people that need their job done effortlessly and perfectly. Keep up the awesome work Sanath. 
Vikram Kasireddy
 Sanath ,The best guy to deal with, to keep it simple, never met someone like him in past 20 years, Reliable, Dedicated, Perfectionist and the numbers guy,will take a lot of space to describe you Sanath 😁, Thank you 
Naval Bhatt
 Sanath is knowledgeable and highly professional. He has a great understanding of the Australian as well are international Accounting and taxation rules. I highly recommend Sanath and his accounting firm for personal and corporate accounting and taxation requirements. 
Swapna Swppu
 "Excellent professional service. Reliable, Great Communication, and friendly. highly recommend" 
Vinod Vishwakarma
 It was a wonderful experience filling taxes with Sanath Accounting & Taxation. The services provided were excellent and very quick. Thank you!! 
Arif Javeed
 Fast and Precise Service. 
Bhavk Sogthi
  It was my first Experirence for Tax Filling and Believe me it was an unforgettable one. Sanath was Approachable, very courteous, gave me proper guidance, answered all my queries with prompt response, Truly unbelievable experience. I referred all my friends and was very happy with his service and commitment.Great Job Sanath 
Learn with Aayu Learning
  The support I received from Sanath was thorough and timely and my work was addressed with a single interaction. Awesome! I would definitely recommend Sanath Accounting & Taxation Services. Thank you!